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Is your business list reliable?

The answer to this question is very simple. So simple you can find out for yourselves. Just look at your company’s current business list. How many of your business prospects convert to paying clients. If you are happy with the number, we wish you continued success. If you want the number to be higher, something needs to change.

What needs to change?

The relevance, accuracy and reliability of your business list. Even with a decent conversion ratio, it can always get better. So, let us help you increase your sales by providing accurate, targeted business data, perfect for direct mail, telemarketing and email marketing campaigns. We will provide you with a marketing list consisting of your perfect business prospects for you to convert into paying clients. goals

How we deliver the best

Independence – As a list broker, we offer the personal touch when it comes to selecting your perfect prospect list, saving you time and money sourcing your ideal business prospects

Relevance – We have access to a variety of different business lists and only provide business data that is relevant to your marketing campaign

Accuracy – Our databases are being constantly maintained with thousands of updates every day, ensuring the quality is of the highest standard

Reliability – We only use trusted industry lists that allow us to give you our unrivalled quality guarantee with confidence

Compliant – All of our data is GDPR compliant, giving you peace of mind and is a matter of pride to us.

Selections you can make on the business list

Business data can be targeting by industry sector, company size, turnover, number of employees, job titles, job responsibilities, office type i.e. head office, branch or single site and geographic selection by postcode, region and radius of a postcode.

The business data is supplied to you in a format of your choice and accessed via a link to our secure server, ensuring the highest standards of security are guaranteed.

Marketing Plan

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